The Journey


︎Limited 12" Vinyl
(150 copies worldwide)
︎Digital EP

Released on September 27, 2019


MUSAR continues to explore the healthy landscape of underground and alternative electronic music with the debut release on the label from Nightwave. ‘The Journey’ is a fitting title for the Glaswegian producer, DJ and promoter, who has been a lynchpin for the city’s vibrant music scene since her first release in 2010. In the time since, Nightwave has a developed a punchy and highly original sound that blends potent influences of acid, techno and forward-thinking bass music, with releases on DABJ, UTTU, Fool’s Gold, DEXT and her own imprint Heka Trax.

For her MUSAR debut, Nightwave celebrates, in her own words, “joy, dance, exploring inner worlds, the celebration of nature and life and how it all interconnects”. On a delicate tip, opening and title track ‘The Journey’ establishes the EP’s “rainforest rave” aesthetic, spiralling upwards with weightless energy. It’s underlying percussion steps forward on ‘Jiboia Groove’, which blossoms thrillingly into wave upon wave of ethereal, breakbeat-led rave.

‘Monkey Puzzle’ pulls a similar, if more uncompromising trick, only with its rhythmic timber instead succumbing to layers of rough-hewn, squealing acid synthesis and pounding snare drums. ‘Forest Guru’ meanwhile restores much of the record’s spiritual equilibrium in one fell swoop, finding a clearing in the landscape to sculpt a rolling, detailed jam that’s as playful as it is creative.

Naive founder and Lisbon’s rave goddess, Violet generously remixes ‘The Journey’ in intriguing fashion, unravelling a trippy and tense riddle at the heart of the rainforest.

All tracks written and produced by Maya Medvesek
Additional work on B2 by Violet
Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering
Distributed by N.E.W.S. NV, Belgium
Design by Yuli Bar