The MUSAR Show is a monthly podcast, started on 2017. At each show, we challenge our guests musically and we'll give them a concept that they focus on.

︎47SHOW︎︎︎Felix Dickinson
︎45SHOW︎︎︎Mehmet Aslan
︎44SHOW︎︎︎Cooper Saver
︎43SHOW︎︎︎Hervé Hubert
︎42SHOW︎︎︎Dj Bowlcut
︎40SHOW︎︎︎Jordan GCZ
︎39SHOW︎︎︎Timothy J. Fairplay
︎37SHOW︎︎︎Bjørn Torske
︎31SHOW︎︎︎Les Yeux Orange
︎29SHOW︎︎︎Pera Sta Ori
︎28SHOW︎︎︎John Biryon
︎27SHOW︎︎︎Duo Penossi
︎26SHOW︎︎︎Ricardo Tobar
︎24SHOW︎︎︎Hieroglyphic Being
︎23SHOW︎︎︎San Proper
︎22SHOW︎︎︎Udi Niv
︎21SHOW︎︎︎Dweedo & Legowelt
︎20SHOW︎︎︎Dj Autumn
︎18SHOW︎︎︎Yotam Avni
︎16SHOW︎︎︎Amit Stark
︎15SHOW︎︎︎Lily Haz & Roni Amitai
︎13SHOW︎︎︎Anna Haleta & Natti
︎12SHOW︎︎︎Dj Morpheus
︎11SHOW︎︎︎LA Teen
︎10SHOW︎︎︎Naduve & Mule Driver
︎09SHOW︎︎︎Tom Trago & Anna Lann
︎08SHOW︎︎︎Andrei Acute & Uriah Klapter
︎07SHOW︎︎︎Oska & Niv Ast
︎06SHOW︎︎︎Obas Nenor & Kimou
︎05SHOW︎︎︎Philou Louzolo & Yaeli
︎04SHOW︎︎︎Ian Blevins
︎03SHOW︎︎︎San Proper & Faasse
︎02SHOW︎︎︎Hakimonu & Eran Ben-Zeev
︎01SHOW︎︎︎Marc Piñol & John Biryon

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