Inferior Subjects


︎Limited Cassette Tape (C45)
︎Digital Album

Released on December 6, 2019


MUSAR is excited about the return of MANASYt, Bulgaria's electro-synth pioneer, for ’Inferior Subjects’, a new album, bubbling with madness and loaded with darkwave sounds.

The 2nd part of MANASYt's lost tracks series recorded between 2000s-2010s and found in his old PC.

For his second release on MUSAR, Petar Tassev collected some of his bes unreleased works to date, inspired by metal and new-wave music then interpretin the moody, roughness to a raw, pure and dark adventure, like no one else does ‘Inferior Subjects’ consists of 8 dark and psychotic tracks that will take you deep into a futuristic dystopian world adventure.

Opener ‘Screw The Routine’ is a dark-wave fetishistic killer, pushing the clubby electronic music borders to new limits. ‘Terminal Medicine’ is a deep psychedelichorror soundtrack to a very bad day at your dentist while ‘Daylight For 15 Seconds’ (inspired by the Belgian film 'Nuit Noire') is a slow hazy burner that will send you straight to the mental clinic. ‘Positive Deception’ is the anthem of the aliens while
attacking earth, ‘Secret Time’ will lock you in a room where time moves backwards and forwards at the same time and ‘Insect Sect’ a mystic electro piece of music for a deep nightmare.

Closing the album - ‘Metacontol’ and ‘God of Chance’ two evil energetic electro bombs, pure chaos and full of post-punk elements, perfect for fetish party/techno rave, fitting for an artist given to performing live in a rubber 'gimp' mask.
'Inferior Subjects' will mark the beginning of MUSAR's new limited Cassette Tape series that will focus on producers edgy sides and the wonderful weird side of electronicmusic.

All tracks written and produced by Petar Tassev
Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering
Distributed by N.E.W.S. NV, Belgium
Design by Omri Malka