Pre Melancholy

Stefan Vincent

︎Limited 12" Vinyl 150 copies worldwide
︎Digital EP

Released on June 30, 2023


Melancholy, the feeling, is often associated with darkness and deep depression. For Dutch artist Stefan Vincent, within the experience of melancholy there’s beauty to be found. “Decay and loneliness can serve a purpose. Depression can teach you things. To feel deep sadness also means the ability to feel profound emotions.” he says.

For his debut on MUSAR Recordings, “Pre Melancholy” EP, Vincent channels these notions of Melancholy into three tracks that draw on darker moods but also reflect beauty in their intricacy and the atmospheres they create. This EP acts as a precursor to his forthcoming album on MUSAR, “Post Melancholy” which is due in September.

“Mono No Aware” and “Yonghegong Lama Temple Exit F” are both taken from the LP, placed side by side with “Agent of Distraction”, an exclusive track from Vincent for this EP only. We’re also pleased to have Montreal-based musician Priori on the remix of “Yonghegong...”. His rework draws further emotion from that of Vincent’s by slowing the pace and bringing delicate melodies to the forefront; it’s one for introspection.

All tracks written and produced by Stefan Vincent
Additional work on B2 by Priori
Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering
Distributed by Word And Sound, Germany
Design by Supremat