Guru Guru

Hoshina Anniversary

︎Limited 12" Vinyl
(Limited to 300 copies worldwide)
︎Digital EP

Released on May 19, 2023


In Japanese, the word “Guru-Guru” refers to the state of spinning, whirling.
 This state is captured in the work of Japanese artist Hoshina Anniversary, who makes his third appearance on MUSAR with his EP Guru Guru and marks the return of the label after an extended break.

Hoshina’s self-titled brand of ‘watechno’ has appeared on well-loved dance music labels like ESP Institute, Volvox’s Jack Dept and Young Marco’s Safe Trip, alongside MUSAR where he also appeared as Shifting Gears back in 2022; an electronic-jazz-centered moniker.

His Guru Guru EP captures the latest snapshot of Hoshina’s sound and sees him draw from Japanese language as a through-line. The title track is the clearest representation of his ‘watechno’, where he uses Japanese instrumentation on top of a menacing EBM-style march. The track's slowly whirling momentum is the “guru-guru”.

On tracks like “Banri”, which means far away in Japanese, we see new shades to Hoshina’s work as he mixes a Japanese Wadaiko drum groove with acidic elements and piano melodies to make a track of contradictions which pairs roughness with elegance.
Whereas on “Usagi”, Japanese for rabbit, Hoshina fires up the BPM.
Piano melodies remain here but their effect is more drifting and emotive than on “Banri”.
“Kaga” is named after a place in the southernmost part of Ishikawa Prefecture, between Kanazawa City and Fukui City. On this track, Hoshina’s love for jazz comes through and even mirrors the work we heard from him under Shifting Gears.

All tracks written and produced by Hoshina Anniversary
Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering
Distributed by Word And Sound, Germany
Design by Anisia Affek