Annie Hall

︎12" Vinyl
(Limited to 300 copies worldwide)
︎Digital EP

Released on September 21, 2018


After more than a decade of deep, expansive productions on labels such as Detroit Underground and CPU, Annie Hall arrives on MUSAR for a record typically rich in texture and understated grooves.

Opening track ‘Linium’ immediately seduces listeners with a complex drum pattern that somehow feels spacious, subtly twisting and turning it’s way around Hall’s analogue world.

Dutch artist Mattheis maintains this understated feel but adds a soft, compelling kick in response on his suspenseful remix of ‘Lavandula’. The original, moodier version of this
cut the follows to open the B side, gradually erupting around a killer distorted bassline.

The EP continues to hit a more urgent note with the tense machinations of ‘Silene’, where dense layers of stuttering, frenetic drums interweave with Hall’s trademark, melancholy keys. The record concludes on a weightless, transcendent note with ‘Santolina’, taking each visceral element featured thus far and slowing each down, with affecting results.

Indebted to vintage electro and IDM, Hall’s music is no throwback, always looking forward and moving dancefloors in the most unexpected ways.

All tracks written and produced by Annie Hall.
Additional work on A1 by Mattheis
Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering
Distributed by N.E.W.S. NV, Belgium
Design By Shai Samana