︎Limited Cassette Tape (C52)
︎Digital Album

Released on May 01, 2020


After successful releases on Black Orpheus and Oscillate Tracks, UK rising talent and Super Hexagon boss, J.Wiltshire returns to MUSAR for his debut album ‘Resa’, a pure listening experience of ambient soundscapes and forward-thinking sci-fi cuts, the second release in MUSAR's new limited Cassette Tape series, that focusing on producers edgy sides.

'Resa' finds Wiltshire sharing 11 sci-fi and futuristic ambient gems, blends melancholic movements with rich layers of harmonics, resulting in a sequence of slowly unfurling tracks that sounds brilliant first time around, but also reveal more intricate details once you've listened a few times. Listening through from start to finish, where it comes on like a genuine soundtrack to a melancholic, space film, it's an evocative musical journey that stirs the senses and toys with your emotions.

Opener 'Barefoot Pilgrim' is a welcoming hazy warm-up atmospheric piece, together with 'Lumb' and 'In The Position' reflects on how Wiltshire maps human calm and tranquillity onto the softer parts of the natural world, a place where everything sounds calm and peaceful, in his own words: "I was using music composition for a creative release but mainly as a tool for calming anxiety."

There are also intense ambient moments and post-IDM dreamscapes inside, such as - 'Dismantlers' and 'Denied', It is in turns icy, futuristic, introspective and blindingly picturesque.'Other Fruits Resplit' is a particularly standout highlighted track of a sharp and catchy vocalchop melody, while 'Same Thing Twice' and 'No Longer Concerning' are gorgeously melancholic.

All tracks written and produced by Jacob Wiltshire
Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering
Distributed by N.E.W.S. NV, Belgium
Design by Omri Malka